Digital Transformation

Comprehensive services at every level of the digital transformation.

Horváth Digital provides companies with full spectrum digital transformation services, from the design of a digital strategy, and a digital target picture to the implementation of a digital operating model and its digital engine. We help your business to harness the full potential of digitalization and intelligent machines to become a data-driven business making a quantum performance leap.

Comprehensive services at every level of the digital transformation

Digitalization is transforming all our tomorrow, how we live and how we work, what we buy and how we buy it and consequently how companies create, produce and deliver new products and services. It changes business models and products, operating models and the respective processes and organizations. In short, it is a fundamental change that affects every aspect of our socio-economy.

We believe that only companies which become thoroughly digital and data driven from sensor to action will be able to understand their markets and their customers at a deeper level and become truly intelligent, sustainable and valuable enterprises.

Horváth Digital recognizes the complexity and depth of the change businesses will have to undergo to emerge stronger, better, faster and more competitive from this transformational phase.

Horváth Digital is the response to the multi-facetted character of the digital transformation and the broad spectrum of competencies that are required to manage this rapid evolution to a higher performance level.

Full Spectrum Transformation Capability

We are the very logical evolution of Horváth & Partners’ core competence in helping our clients to steer their businesses successfully and optimize their business performance in the digital age. We have full-spectrum competence and the required assets to help your business make the transition to a fully data-driven business within the shortest possible time and in the smoothest possible way.

Horváth Digital offers services at every level of the digital transformation, from the design of a digital strategy, and a digital target picture to the implementation of a digital operating model and its respective digital engine.

Our digital consultants, our quantitative business modelers and data scientists not only enable our clients to accelerate their digital transformation in an agile way, but also to make their digital journey the most profitable one of all.

Our Steering Lab researches, designs and delivers state-of-the-art AI, Predictive Analytics and Optimization concepts and solutions for clients who want to lead the move to a superior performance level and want to be tomorrow’s leaders in their industry.

White Paper

„Digital Transformation Framework" - From individual digital projects to holistic digital transformation

Horváth & Partners performed the “Digital Value” study from April to May 2019. 300 executives from 14 industries took part.

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Digital Transformation Workshops

Horváth Digital offers a variety of digital workshops addressing different key aspects.

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